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Truck reel to the Swiss Alps

A TRS 2000 truck reel with a hybrid drive was delivered to Switzerland. The challenge in this project was keeping the total weight of the stand within a reasonable limit. The terrain at the destination was so challenging that the stand had to be moved with the help of a helicopter. Because of this, the structure of the stand had to be designed as light as possible. The driving force of the stand was also a specialty, as the stand had to be able to be operated both electrically and with a combustion engine. The customer’s requirements were met, and a product equipped with two power sources was delivered to Switzerland.

Product development with the customer

The story of the JKS FL 4000 started with a WhatsApp video received from a customer. The customer had seen a home-made reel rack on the construction site, which could load four reels. Together, we list the requirements and specs for the device, based on which we made a price offer for the customer. We agreed with customer that they will receive presentation of the 3D-model for approval before the start of production. We came up with different implementation and usage methods at once, then we chose the best one we saw, after which the 3D design could begin. Usually, changes to the vision and specs come during planning, and so this time as well. However, we found solutions and suitable materials for each need, and in the strength calculation it was found that e.g. the yield limits of the reel axle are not exceeded even with maximum loads. However, this also wanted to be completed with a real physical load test. The device turned out to be suitably simple and easy to use, and in the future, thanks to the device, we will be able to offer cost efficiency to other network builders in Finland and our export countries as well.

Ps. For our customers who were involved in the design and development work, the lowest selling price, if the product has the potential to become a JKS standard product.

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