Totally more than 30 years of experience working with cable trailers and accessories

JKS Products Ltd is operating at European cable trailer and cable equipment markets. Totally more than 30 years of experience with cable trailers has been base to starting up JKS Products Ltd. Because we have a large range of products and our own product designing we’re able to offer broadly based and well-designed solutions for everyone’s needs.

  • Manufacture and sale of CE-marked cable trailers
  • Spare parts for cable trailers
  • Maintenance of cable trailers and network construction equipment
  • Manufacture and sale of CE-marked network construction equipment
  • Tube laser and other metal subcontracting

About JKS Products Ltd

JKS Products Ltd is a diversified metal company operating in Ylivieska, whose main business is the manufacture of network construction equipment. In addition, the company subcontracts with tube laser machine. The company was founded in 2007, after which it has rapidly grown into Finland’s largest in its field. The founding has been based on the desire to build a functioning company whose operations are developing and moving forward.

The company started its operations in small 300 m² premises. Continuous growth drove the company to invest in new modern premises after only the first five years of operation. In 2012, it was possible to move to new 800 m² premises, which were designed to be suitable for cable trailer and network building tools manufacturing. A few years later, the facilities were expanded with another 600 m² warehouses. In addition to the premises, the company has invested in a new ERP system, product data management (PDM) and a tube laser, which has sought growth in the subcontracting business. The purpose of these investments has been to make the company’s operations more efficient.

Over the years, customer relationships have been established in several different countries. Our products have been delivered all over Europe e.g., Norway, Switzerland, Italy, France, the United Kingdom and Sweden. In addition to Europe, our products have also been delivered around the world to Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Africa, and the Americas, among others. We are constantly looking for new partners and resellers abroad.

There are dozens of different products in the selection. With the help of the equipment we manufacture, our customers can build a new electricity network or renovate and dismantle old networks. Our products have been developed over the years in co-operation with customers and the feedback received from the field has been implemented to existing products. Our staff and extensive network of professionals ensure that we can provide the best possible tools for our clients’ needs. Thanks to functional solutions of our products, our customers can handle their work with high quality and efficiency. We can offer our customers individually tailored solutions.

JKS Products Ltd is a modern company where the professionalism of its staff is valued. A professional and motivated staff is the key to ensuring that production runs efficiently and results in top-quality products. The investments made a few years ago are already bearing fruit. Product information management has its PDM system, which is also a quality management tool. The company also invests in product development. Based on the feedback received from customers, the products are developed and improved from year to year. The results of product development are documented in a PDM system, which helps keep all product documentation in good order. Operations are managed using a modern ERP system. The system can be used to manage the company’s sales, purchasing, and production control. The activity is running. The company has an extensive and high-quality cooperation network at its disposal, which ensures that we can offer our customers a diverse range of services and products. The quality of operations is managed by a quality system audited by Trafi, which complies with the ISO 9001 quality system.

JKS Products guarantees its customers good service and quality products. If the customer has a problem, then we will assist and serve the customer to the best of our ability.

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