JKS CBW 1500E winch

CBW 1500E is a powerful pulling machine that doesn’t run out of its might. A winch is equipped with its hydraulic machinery and reduction gear. This assures a powerful pull from the CBW 1500E. This device can be anchored to the ground with pins or it can be chained. It is easy to take a winch to a construction site, for example using a truck. The limit of pulling force the CBW 1500E can apply is 1500kg. The actual pulling is done with a hydraulic valve, this is pretty easy. When you want to stop pulling all that is needed is a release of the valve and the device will stop.

Technical Information:
Pulling force:
n. 1500kg *)
Own weight:
n. 400kg
Width x height:
650mm x 700mm
Ø6mm steel wire, max. 500m
Pulling tape:
250m, 25mm
Spinning control:
Max. Hydraulic pressure:
7,5kW electro hydr. unit
Product code:

*)possible to upgrade to 2000kg

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