JKS PSS box trailer 1350

The JKS box trailer is designed for fast and effortless installation of ground cables. The box trailer has a pipe snake stand (PSS) inside and thanks to the box-shaped of the trailer it remains well protected and unnoticed. In addition to the back door with gas springs, the box trailer has a side door, which is a convenient way to use PSS. On the sides of the box trailer there are outriggers, which, when lowered, make the trailer even more sturdy to work.

Doors open and the trailer is ready for use. The fibreglass rod is inserted into the pipe with help of a pulling and pushing device, After this attach the cable to the fiberglass rod and pull the rod back. Now the cable will be pulled to pipe with the help of a fiberglass rod.

Technical details:
Total weight:
1000 kg
~2,5 meters
Trailer’s width:
~2 meters
Trailer’s height:
~2 meters
Product code:

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