Split XL-steel reel 60-2800

Big steel constructed galvanized reel for unwinding old cable or unwrapping tube coils. Old cable can be winded to reel and tied up. After this reel can be opened and cable bundle can be removed from reel. Unwinding cable or tube coils is also easy. All you have to do is to open the reel, insert coil in the middle and then close the reel. After this the whole package can be lifted to cable trailer, reel stand or lifter. XL reel’s outer dimension is 2800mm and width is approximately 1400mm.

Technical data:
Reel weight:
Reel’s outer Ø:
Reel’s inner Ø:
Reel’s width:
Fit’s to axle Ø:
60mm (*
Product code:

*) also available for 75mm reel axle

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