JKS pipe snake trailer PST 1000

With the help of JKS pipe snake trailer cable installation pipes is easy to use. All you need to do is push the installation rod to the pipe, fasten the cable to the rod and then just pull the rod out from the pipe. If additional power is required then the trailer can be equipped with a winch.

With the help of the JKS pipe snake trailer, ground cable installations can be pulled of conclusively easier.

 Just open the hood and the equipment is ready to be used.

Installing cables to underground pipes is easy and effortless with PST 1000. Push fiberglass rod to a pipe with the help of a pulling and pushing device. After this attach the cable to the fiberglass rod and pull the rod back. Now the cable will be pulled to pipe with the help of a fiberglass rod.

Pulling is operated with the help of our effective pulling and pushing device PPD 402. If even more power is required then the PST 1000 can be equipped with winch CW8.

Technical details:
Total weight:
1000 kg
~4,6 meters
Trailer’s width:
~2,1 meters
Trailer’s height:
~1,9 meters
Pull/push speed:
0-90 m/min
Pull/push force:
Fibreglass rod’s length:
300m – 500m
Product code:

Hot galvanized steel frame manufactured by JKS, 12V led-lights, overrun brakes with automatic reverse and parking brake, suspended axle, adjustable jockey wheel, adjustable back supports, led-work light, PPD 402 pulling and pushing device, Honda HP9 engine and hydraulic machinery, emergency stop switch, and guide pipes

Electric start, winch + pulling tape, guide pipe set, and automatic reel brake

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