22 rlw24RLW 24 drum flange lifter makes storing easier. This drum flange lifter doesn’t take much space. Drums can be lifted with clamps placed in the drum’s holes. The drum flange lifter can fit 85mm,105mm, and 132mm. There is no need for a different lifter for these sizes, the same lifter can be used for the different sized drums.

Lifter is made with Ø16mm steel wires that are covered so that total diameter of wire is approximately 20mm.


Technical Information:  
Max drum weight: 3500kg

Max drum Ø:

Max drum width: 1200mm
Drum holes: 75mm, 104mm and 132mm
Electrical number:  
Product code: 22


 22 rlw24 laippanostin

Using principle for RLW 24


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