PPD 402 is hydraulic pulling and pushing device is suitable for ground cable installations. Long and demanding pulls the device can be put anywhere on the pulled cable and target the pull power to the right place. PPD 402 can be powered with outside hydraulic unit like excavator, tractor or truck. The device is equipped with hydraulic compression so the grip on the cables is always snappy. PPD 402 has two drive belts which each has its own hydraulic motor. This solution ensures stable pull in all conditions.  ppd402
Technical data
pull/push speed: 0-90 m/min
Pull/push force: appr. 3,5kN
Max pressure: 150 bar
Max flow: 60 litres
Max cable: 50mm
Weight: 45kg
Spinning control: hydraulic
Compression control hydraulic
Electric number: 6431075
Product code: 205





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