Effective aid for ground cable installations. PPD 902 cable dog has been developed and tested together with customers. It can be used at the beginning of pull as a pushing device, in the middle of the pull to get pulling strength to right place or at the end of the pull as a pulling device.

PPD 902 is equipped with two powerful hydraulic motors. Pulled cable is tightened against drive belts. This ensures secure and tight grip of the cable. Pulling force is approximately 800kg.

Device uses hydraulic power for motors and it needs to be powered by some external hydraulic unit like tractor, excavator or truck. Separate hydraulic units are also available for PPD 902.

204 ppd802 


Technical details:
Pull/push speed: 25 m/min
Pull/push power: app. 800kg
Cable Ø: 40-130mm
Frame height: 800mm
Frame width: 500mm
Frame lenght: 1350mm
Weight: 230kg
Spinning control: hydraulic
Compression control: mechanical
Electric number: 6431091
Product code: 204


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