For fast and easy ground cable installations, pipe snake cassettes can be lifted. Pipe cassette cable installation to canal pipes are quick and easy to do with the help of JKS. All that is needed to be done is to push the installation rod into the ground, that then goes into the pipe. At the end of the pipe there is a cable drum. If there is any additional power required then the cassette can be equipped with a winch. The cassette is equipped with a PPD 402 hydraulic pulling and pushing device which is used in a Honda HP13. This hydraulic machinery is used as a power source. psc600 
Technical Information:
Pull/push speed: 0-90 m/min
Pull/push force: n. 3,5kN
 Width: 1600 mm
Lenght: 3000 mm
Height: 815 mm
Fiber glass rods: 350m- 500m
Electrical number: 6431022
Product code: 493









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