95 jpv1500

Flex pipe trailers are developed mainly for bendable pipes that are delivered as 100m bunches. Users have been involved in the developing process, their ideas and propositions have been put in the making process. Using the trailer is very easy. The required amount of pipe is ran through a pulling device which will simultaneously straighten the pipe. All essential functions have been made up of hydraulics. The source of a hydraulic power is Honda’s combustion engine.



Technical Information:  
Total weight:  1500kg
Pull/push force: 200kg
Pipe stack's max outerØ: 2450mm
Frame: Hot galvanized steel
Product code: 095


JPV 1500 is a very powerful tool for handling bendable pipes on a worksite. If the trailer is equipped with a radio control, users don’t need to stand next to the trailer while the pipe is unwinding.

Cassettes for water pipes are available as an accessory.



Hot galvanized frame, 12V led-light brakes with automatic reverse and parking brake, suspended axle, adjustable jockey wheel, Honda engine and hydraulic machinery, emergency stop switch, and pulling/straightening device.

Cassette for water pipes and radio control.



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