JKS products MKP 4000 -sea cable stand is suitable to handle medium weight drums up to diameter 3 meters. MKP stands are originally designed for robust sea- and ground cables but it's suitable for all drums handling. Reel axle can be equiopped with brake device which helps controlling the reel spinning.

If reel needs to be spinned hydraulically then MKP 4000 can be equipped with hydraulic reel spinning device and hydraulic machinery. Alternatively hydraulic power can be taken from outside source such as truck/tracktor etc.




Technical details:  
Own weight: ~1,0 tonnia
Loading capacity: 4000 kg
Max reel diameter: 3000mm
Reel cap width: 2300mm
Reel axle diameter: 75 mm
Frame: Painted steel frame
Product code: 584


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