F275.P.40 is hydraulic puller that is meant for laying underground caples and fibre optic wires. With this winch you can control the speed and power of your pull continuously. It has powerfull diesel engine that does not run out of power.




Capstans: 2 x Ø250mm
Max wire Ø: Ø13mm
Number of hydraulic circuits: 1 pc
Frame: Painted steel frame
Max pulling force: 40kN
 Product code:  331



Feeding: diesel
Power: 38 hp / 27,9 kW
Cooling: water
Electrical system: 12V


Pulling force
Max pulling force: 40 kN
Speed at max pulling force:
Max speed:
Pulling force at max speed:
12 kN


Diameter: 750 mm
max amount of Ø12mm wire 1000m


12V lights and reflectors, pushing brakes, suspended axle, adjustable jockey wheel, height adjustable drawbar, diesel engine + hydraulic machinery,

Built-in reel-winder with automatic rope-winder and extractable reel.


DEG-M for controling and following and limiting pull force, remote control, 12mm steel wire, led work light



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