JKS 750V is a steel manufactured cable trailer that handles small drums. This hot galvanized steel frame is long lasting.
Drums can be lifted and lowered by a hand winch. Since 750V is relatively a small trailer it’s easy to fit in places where big trailers can’t go.


JKS 750V is the lightest cable trailer in our collection. It's meant for transporting and handling light cable drums. This hot galvanized steel frame is long lasting. Drum lifting is operated by a winch. Back supports prevents unintended tipping of the trailer. 


12V led lights and reflector equipment, reel lift with a winch, suspended water proof axle, reel axle with bearings, reel locking cones, and back support.


Double lights 12/24V, reel axle with brake and reels.

Technical Information:  
Total weight: 750kg
Loading capacity:
Max drum Ø: 1800mm
Drum gap: 1100mm
Drum axle Ø: 60mm
Frame: Hot galvanized steel frame
Towing speed: 80km/h
Product code: 367










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