One axle trailer is equipped with a winch lift. This trailer is meant to have small and light drum handling. Hydraulics are not available for this trailer. 


Light construction:

JKS 1000 cable trailer makes electrical cables easy to build. One axle trailer is easy to handle. This trailers has a loading capacity of 750kg.

Drums can be picked up with a winch and tipping drum stand.

 JKS   1000 kaapelikelavaunu


Suspended axle, adjustable jockey wheel, overrun brakes with automatic reverse and parking brake, 12v led-lights system with hit covers, reflectors, drum axle with bearings, drum locking cones for drum axle, drum lift with a winch, relief spring for drum lift, and automatic locking system are used for drum stands.

Steel cable drums, ropes, split steel drum (for collecting old cables/wires), drum axle with brakes, and double lights 12/24 volts.

Technical Information:  
Total weight: 1000kg
Loading capacity: appr. 750kg
Biggest reel diameter: 2200mm
Drum gap width: 1400mm
Height: 1900mm
Width: 2200mm
Lenght: 3600mm
Drum axle diameter: 60mm
Frame: Hot galvanized steel frame
Towing speed: 80km/h
Product code: 626








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