Pipelife Dueta has been developed together with Pipelife Finland as well as end users. This is a new geothermal pipe installation device which can be used with 2xDN32, 2XDN40 ja 2xDN50 pipes and also with PipeliLife Dueta pipes.


This device works with standard 230VAC. Drive happens with belt that is pressed against aluminium rollers. This solutions provides maximum friction bethween driving belt and pipe. Device is also equipped with rubber tires that makes it easier to get the device on work site. Pipe can be driven to both directions, up and down.


107 dueta

Technical information  
Lenght: ~1200mm
Width: 530mm
Weight: 70kg
Operating voltage: 230VAC
Power: 750W
Frame: galvanized steel
Product code: 107


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