The HSW-B Support Winch is ideally suited to pull heavy winch ropes from hydraulic cable winches into
conduits or cable trays. Also light energy or telecommunication cables can be pulled over long distances.
The HSW-B 750 is the ideal addition to a larger and stronger hydraulic cable winch and completes
the equipment for cable pulling. Its strong pulling force and the compact and mobile design are
further key features to underline the wide versatility in various fields.

- 4-Stroke HONDA Gasoline Engine, 270 ccm 6,5 kW/9 HP Steel rope Ø 4 mm / 5 mm /6 mm
- Quick release for V-Belt
- Removable free-wheeling drum
- Adjustable supports
- Comfortable rope guide
- Drum cover

1510 hsw-b750


Technical details :  
Pulling force: n. 7,5kN
Own weight: n: 120kg
Dimensions: L 1100 x W 570 x H 710
Wire: Ø6mm, max. 500m
Engine: Honda HP9
Electrical number:  
Product code: 1510


Optional accessories:

Tuotekoodi tuote
 1511 Ø6mm wire


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